• Ravinder Saini

    Ravinder Saini

    .Net developer and a passionate writer. Here to express my views on history and the current political scenario.

  • Deborah M.

    Deborah M.

    Creative Content Creator & Strategist | Ph.D. In Computing Arts I Modern Polymath I Designer I Writer I Professor I Researcher I Unfluencer

  • James Xu-Johnson, Founder & Product Manager

    James Xu-Johnson, Founder & Product Manager

    I work as a Product Leader in a startup building digital products. Read more about me at jamesxujohnson.com.

  • Checkmate11


    Pharmacist, Turkish girl, 32, your mate1->CHECKmate11 :) https://www.buymeacoffee.com/checkmate11 Membership->https://checkmate11a.medium.com/membership

  • Nick Miller, MBA

    Nick Miller, MBA

    Digital Marketer • Writer • Audience Growth Hacker • Gaming Aficionado • UC Lindner College of Business Class of 2021 • Miami University Class of 2020

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